Each client is unique. His requests are processed in a tailor-made way because his pleasure and his satisfaction prevail. It is therefore important to carry out each project with passion and a deep sense of service to anticipate his expectations. With regard to the company, it is sustainable only if its actors share its values, move forward together with a real social cohesion and if they use every resource available to lead us to new opportunities.

T. Vermeersch, Founder & President of THE PARISIAN


THE PARISIAN sees things in a big way and wishes to grow with passionate, daring and persevering collaborators. Passion must be a key success factor clearly expressed within each project submitted by our demanding clientele. Being passionate about the luxury universe, it is also about serving our clientele passionately and being an Ambassador of French Excellence in collaboration with the other prestigious Parisian companies. Considering work as an entertainment while being self-conciously serious, loving and always finding something beautiful in every challenge is a constant step towards a greater future for our customers and company.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Thanks to her passion and her appetite for challenge, our founder could go on behind the scenes of the most beautiful Parisian luxury houses. Like creativity and passion, leadership and ambition are the key values of a positive entrepreneurial adventure and the advantages that our foundress wants to instill in her collaborators to encourage them to give heart to the work in all the projects. Given that each of them is a challenge offering new opportunities for growth, sharing experience and openness to the world, they must reinvent service and the French luxury with a real entrepreneurial spirit.

Ambition & Humility

Humility comes with time, experience and failure. We know our strengths but we can also recognize our weaknesses and tend to continually improve. So we welcome positive feedback and constructive criticism, wherever they come from and we listen to them and learn from their authors to create tailor-made solutions instead of trying to impose a vision. For us, contributing to the reputation of French luxury with credibility also consists in serving with humility and with humanity.

Team spirit

A proverb says : Alone we go faster, together we go further.” We aim at going further and further for our customers by using all the material and human resources available. We are ready to delegate and show our appreciation to the individuals and companies which want to work and grow with us. It is not a question of competition, but rather of a collaborative work because any internal or external actor can be an asset that enables us to improve the participatory democracy and to achieve our common goals with confidence and long-term integrity.



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