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To have time for yourself and your loved ones must be a privilege for all.

Paris is a cosmopolitan city where the refinement and the French “Art de Vivre” shine and we attach a great importance to the transmission of our heritage to our French and international clients. Thus, our private concierge services do not only aim at serving its customers with excellence everyday

It is also about strengthening their identity and their sense of pride and belonging to a prestigious nation, wherever they come from. When you enjoy the pleasures that Paris offers, you honor our historical heritage. Regardless of their status, a CEO, a senior manager, a lawyer, a medical professional, a company or a great traveler, we want to instill emotion in each of them through memorable experiences.

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We help you to retain your VICs and your B2B partners.

Good relationships between you and your VIC customers and your B2B partners are essential because your image, your professionalism and the sustainability of your business are at stake. To keep your business running, you have to make them loyal, please them and make them live unique experiences. In other words, creating emotions and memories.  However, it requests a lot of time and information from several providers to find the best offer.

Thanks to our skills in private concierge service and our partners, we take part in the development of your relationship with your clients – in terms of affinity and closeness – we reinforce your positioning and we convey a powerful image on your behalf. Thus, you will attract new customers and stand out from the competition. Service is our passion. We are very dedicated to work on it because we are aware that it is by pampering them that we will establish a relationship of trust between you and them and that we will ensure the sustainability of your company.

Rely on THE PARISIAN to coordinate the organization of your Corporate events.


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A daily life more serene.

In the morning you have to prepare your children for school, you have your full time work, the errands to run, the meals to prepare, the housework, the outings with your friends… The days seem short and having time for yourself and your loved ones is nowadays difficult when you live in the fast lane. Whatever your social and professional status, THE PARISIAN helps you to save time, to enjoy life’s important moments. Delegate your daily time-consuming tasks for a serene life. To do so, we take charge of all your personal and professional requests to offer you more freedom of action everyday.

In parallel with this, THE PARISIAN is delighted to contribute to your moments of happiness. Creator of memorable moments, we work with our trusted partners and put our know-how at your disposal to make this special event a moment that you and your guests will remember. Whether it’s a birthday party, a baptism, a proposal, an bachelor / bachelorette party, a graduation, a Christmas dinner, or a New Year’s Eve party, nothing is impossible with THE PARISIAN.

Rely on The Parisian to make your daily life more serene and to take in charge your professional activities.


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An experience "à la parisienne".

Paris, for those who could only imagine it or wish to rediscover it, we will make you live a tailor-made and memorable experience. Wake up in a cozy hotel or in a 5-star Palace, admire the monuments by crossing the Seine river, walk through the paved streets of Montmartre, do shopping in the Champs-Elysées, enjoy some macaroons in a tea room, have dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower, or immerse yourself in French culture with private visits of its beautiful museums and Opera.

THE PARISIAN contributes to the deployment of the French prestige and culture by offering to local and foreign visitors the opportunity to enjoy its cultural richness and its romantic atmosphere. By becoming a Member of our community, you will benefit from an elaborate and prepaid touristic stay by our care, and from our concierge services that will meet your desires. For many people, Paris is a dream. But we will make a reality full of emotions for you.

Enjoy a fabulous experience “à la parisienne” through our prestigious private concierge service.




« You only have to love the words to write a poem », Raymond Queneau said. Here we don’t write any poem but the alphabet and the French words are in the spot light. The Parisian is not only the one who lives in Paris, but also the one who has a know-how, an attitude, an elegance and a strong temperament in his career and in his daily life. Each Parisian has his own identity that makes him unique. THE PARISIAN wants her precious clientele to identify with these qualities and to have this sense of uniqueness.


like « Attitude »

A way of being, of moving, of thinking : To have the attitude « à la parisienne » is a way to be naturally elegant. The parisian naturally puts the chic in all the gestures of his daily life, with a zest of insolence and sweetness.


like « Bon vivant »

The Parisian loves good things and is in love with life. He feels love in all its forms, through a beautiful lady, a meal on the terrace, a classical music or a masterpiece at the Louvre Museum.


like « Culture »

The Parisian is cultured and is lucky to have access to the richness of the History of Paris, to the centres of knowledge and amusement. A museum, a book store, a monument, an exhibition… Hard to miss all this.


like « Elegant »

Elegance celebrates grace and universal beauty. It is a treasure in each of us which, according to Audrey Hepburn, never dies. The Parisian stands out in his attitude and neat appearance mixed with a positive energy.


like « Gastronome »

The parisian loves good food and knows the art of eating well. As fashion and oenology, French gastronomy is an institution linked to luxury and romance. When the Parisian enjoys dishes, he also carries on a know-how.

« Being Parisian is not being born in Paris, it is to reborn there », Sacha Guitry.


like « Intemporel »

Timelessness contributes to the great image of Paris that fascinates the world so much. The Parisian adapts to the evolution of the society by keeping an elegance, a culture and a know-how inherited from our history.


like « Joie de Vivre »

« Paris is a moveable feast », Hemingway said. Black-tie dinners, aftershows, concerts, parties in the bars, vernissages, relaxation with a drink, a meal with friends… This festive attitude is part of the Parisian’s DNA.

« In Paris, everyone wants to be an actor; no one resigns to be a spectator. » Jean Cocteau.


like « Romantique »

The City of Light is the meeting place for all lovers and features a lot of romantic places. The Parisian, also romantic by nature, has no excuse not to be a gentleman and to make his sweetheart dream.


like « Terrace »

Paris is famous for its beautiful terraces which contribute to the happiness of its people. Having a drink, a brunch, or a meal on the terrace of a cafe, a bistro or a restaurant is a real tradition rooted in the French “Art de Vivre”.

And you, what does Paris inspire you ?

" Paris is small for those who share so great a passion as ours "

Jacques Prévert.



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